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Mark Allister says (09/05/2013 11:57:51):
Dear Berna and Burcu,

We are back in Istanbul after being gone the past eight days, and we had a wonderful time. Everything turned out very well, from the first night's stay at the Anemos Hotel in Gokceada (excellent hotel, great place to visit) to the Holiday Garden Inn last night in Kutahya. Thanks for making all the arrangements.

And thanks, most of all, for giving us Aida for our guide. There were tears from the students when we said goodbye, and Meredith and I like her so much that we gave her a standing invitation to stay with us if she ever comes to the U.S.. She was informative, and funny, and kind -- pretty much just the guide you dream about.

Thanks so much, Mark
St.Olaf's College

Judith Plaskow says (09/05/2013 11:54:16):
Dear Berna,

Many many thanks for all your work on our behalf. It was a real pleasure to meet with you in Istanbul. As I mentioned at the lunch, all the arrangements went smoothly; the hotels were lovely. We had a great time on the whole trip and felt the allocation of time to various places worked really well. Our one disappointment is that we did not get to Neve Shalom Shabbat morning because I was up half the night coughing and we decided I needed to see a doctor. There again, we had a very positive experience as Acibadem Hospital, but it made us doubly glad that we'd gotten to Ezt Hayim on Friday. I hope to have the chance to work with you again in the future.

All the best,

Karen Carlson says (09/05/2013 11:48:19):
Hi Berna,

Thank you for a great trip! Roy said the group had a wonderful time and everything went smoothly. Thanks for all your attention to detail. It was so easy to work with you. We appreciate all your good work.

Concordia University

Ashley Tierney says (09/05/2013 11:39:33):
Berna, Burcu, Haluk, and Serap

With my apologies for the delay in sending this, I wanted to share with your entire team our very enthusiastic appreciation for all of your hard work in organizing such a wonderful tour for the WMF group.

I have heard from our guides and from a few of the travelers so far, and I wanted to pass along some words of praise:

“Oasis did a very good job”
“logistics were flawless”
“Serap, our guide, was excellent, full of knowledge and very responsive to the needs of the guests”
“The trip was fantastic as always”
“Serap worked hard and diligently to provide local experiences at all moments…her concern as to everyone's needs and comfort more than could be expected”
“Access to locations and information was spectacular - arrangements impeccable”
“Words cannot describe our extraordinary guide, Serap”

By all accounts the trip was very much enjoyed by all, so thank you very much for taking such good care of the group. Clearly everyone appreciated your expert planning and your expertise and insights along the way, and we are so grateful for your role in providing such a memorable experience on behalf of WMF.

Finally, I thought you might be interested to know that just yesterday we announced the 2012 World Monuments Watch, and one of the sites you visited during the trip is featured this year! More information is here:

Thank you again, and best regards,
World Monuments Fund


Jerry Sorkin says (11/04/2013 18:20:56):
Dear Muge, Haluk, Mahmut and Berna,

The Philadelphia University group just had their last night in Tunisia tonight, returning to Philly in the morning. I just wanted to let you know that everyone said their time in Istanbul was wonderful. So, my thanks for everything you did, as well as to the two speakers, (Mahmut's wife and S.Ozel). Let's hope this leads to much more.

Again, my thanks.


Dwaine Braddy says (11/04/2013 18:07:54):
We made it home safely. Our experience in Turkey was a most enjoyable and profitable time. What we saw and heard will remain with us the rest of our lives. Our knowledge of the historical and biblical world of Turkey was greatly expanded! A major reason we feel this way is because of the wonderful guide we had: Gulin Pazargolu. She was great to work with; in fact, we all felt she was a part of our group, not just a guide. We found it difficult to leave her when we arrived at the Greek border. When other
groups coming to Turkey are asking about a guide, I will appreciate your recommending her to them! God bless you and thanks for a fantastic time in your country!

Northwest College Flying Seminar: May 15-28, 2001

Dimitri Cocconi says (11/04/2013 18:06:39):
Dear Berna,

First of all bravo and much gratitude from all our professors and students for the excellent guides , drivers and hotels you provided all our groups with in Turkey.They all were very pleased and plan to return I hope.

Please let me know which guide that you are booking so I can inform the group when it arrives here on February 7th!

Warm regards,


AK Sharif says (11/04/2013 18:05:30):
Good Afternoon:

Hope you are well. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and dedication to make this program a success in Istanbul, Turkey this year. I have enjoyed working with you and your professional team in the past and looking forward to working with you many years to come.

Please accept our sincere gratitude.

AK Sharif
Office of International Management Programs


Habte Woldu, Ph.D. says (10/04/2013 00:14:59):
Dear Berma.

Thank you for your service rendered to us, the Jindal School of Management at UTD. My students and myself were very pleased by the quality and the coverage of our study trip to Istanbul. Students were very impressed by the quality of the speakers and they have told me that they have received tremendous knowledge from the experience they have.

We are looking forward to work with you in our next trips and would also like to get the e-mail address of our first speaker and our wonderful guide, so that I can personally send them a personal note.

Best regards,


Habte Woldu, Ph.D.
Faculty & Director, International Management Programs ( BS-GB and MS-IMS)
Naveen Jindal School of Management, SM 43
Phone: 972-883-6357
Fax: 972-883-6521



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